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How I became an auctioneer,
I’ll do whatever it takes to get people
to give you their money
for your worthy cause.

Way back in 2003 my eldest daughter was in the first grade at PS 166. This is the school where Richard Rodgers had, according to legend, played piano on the same auditorium stage where I did my first auction.  I’d been asked a few days before the event to be the auctioneer because the Dad who’d been doing it for several years had moved on.  I’m not sure why they asked me but I said yes and it was one of best decisions I ever made.  This was back in the day when partying inside elementary schools was still allowed, at least for the parents–I’m not sure about the kids.   In any event, I had a blast cajoling people I hardly knew to fork over their hard earned cash for kindergarten art projects and trips to Disneyland.  Turned out the parents had a blast along with me, and the PTA made a whole lot of money.  I was asked back the next year and the year after that and before long word started getting around.

Since then I’ve participated in close to fifty auctions.   I’ve worked for PS163, PS75, MS54, The Parkside School, Hunter College Elementary School, The Temple at Eldridge Street Museum, PS 166, The Universalist Church at the UN, The Computer School, and Bronx Science High School.

My auctioneering mission statement is as follows:

“I strive to help people feel wonderful while donating generously to the organization they care deeply about.”

Before your event I review and research the live items so I can speak about them with genuine authority while selling a particular item.  I arrive early to your event to meet with the auction chairs and review any last minute changes, to become familiar with the stage, say hello to the sound person, get to know the microphone, and–for what I think is a very important part of the process–to meet as many audience members as possible before the live event.   I have discovered that having a few people in the audience that I’m on a first name basis with is very helpful in creating a relaxed yet energetic atmosphere.

At the top of the live portion I remind the audience of the night’s goal, what all the money that is about to be raised by them is going to be used for.  I try to keep it fast and light and funny.

I’m here to help you make your event a huge success.   Please call or email me for more information.