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From Sean Penn, author of Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn:

“Listening to L.J. Ganser’s Amazon Audible reading, or more specifically, performance, of my book Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn, made me realize the material is more befitting raconteurism than writing per se. For those who may have been confused by my tale of Mr. Honey in written form, I can assuredly point them to Mr. Ganser’s extraordinarily talented raconteurism. He makes the fucker sing.”

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The Life at the Dakota: New York’s Most unusual Address
by Stephen Birmingham

A history of the Manhattan building and its famous tenants, from Lauren Bacall to John Lennon, by the New York Times best-selling author of Our Crowd.

Stephen Birmingham, author of the New York society classic Our Crowd, has written an engrossing history of the first hundred years of one of the most storied residential addresses in Manhattan and the legendary lives lived within its walls.

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What the listeners are saying:

Once Upon a Crime

by Michael Buckley

  • “Amazing narrator”
  • “It brings me happiness because I never knew what their voices would sound like and he makes it sound exciting!!!”

A Bend in the Road

by Nicholas Sparks

  • “Mr. Ganser brought this history book to life.”
  • “This ranks high – partly because of its historical importance, but mostly because of Mr. Ganser, the reader. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”
  • “I also enjoyed the narration of L.J. Ganser….yes! I will be looking for other novels by Sparks and hope that Ganser is the narrator.”

Void Moon

by Michael Connolly

  • “You want a good ensemble cast performed by a master actor…Listen to L.J. Ganser tell about ‘The Void Moon.’”

HAB 12

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

  • “Ganser, as usual, makes us part of the story as it unfolds.”
  • “Spend a credit and pretend you’re at the Matinee!!!”

Fairy Tale Detectives

by Michael Buckley

  • “I still get a tremendous amount of fan mail about L.J’.s performance, even after more than a decade since it was published. Parents rave about their children’s love for it, how mesmerized they are during car trips. It’s also been a God-send for those reluctant readers who prefer audio to text. I sat in the engineering booth and witnessed first hand the fun, passion, and magic L.J. brings to his work. It’s no wonder that the Sister Grimm series is still one of my publisher’s best selling audio titles.”—Michael Buckley, author of The Sisters Grimm series

Murder in E Minor

by Robert Goldsborough

  • “Thank Heavens for L.J. Ganser”
  • “I feel like kissing the ground L.J. walks upon. His Archie is zippy and wry, his Nero is precise and yet thunderous in just the right combination, and his Cramer is all the outraged old cop he should be. Thank you, Mr. Ganser!!”

Sales Management Simplified

by Mike Weinberg

  • “The narrator is awesome. What a fantastic book. I am in operations and got a ton out of this book.”

No Place to Hide

by Glenn Greenwald

  • “Exhilirating, infuriating, cannot stop listening”
  • “Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Ganser have perfectly captured how unreal the experience of meeting Snowden felt. It really feels like you’re listening to a fictional spy story and because it’s all true it sends shivers through your spine.”

Blood on the Moon

by James Ellroy

  • “He made the story.Without his narrative I don’t believe I would have finished the story.”

Mafia Prince

by Christopher Graziano and Scott M. Burnstein

  • “It’s amazing how much Ganser’s reading adds to the impact of the story. He presents the action and characters in an extremely conversational manner, by which he keeps the listener’s attention throughout the narration.”

A Rumor of War

by Philip J. Caputo

  • “He sounded like what I would expect Philip Caputo to sound like.”
  • “He had peculiarities of military jargon down pat. His range of voices was true to the individual characters and allowed the listener to immerse themselves in the story and kept the characters different and distinctive.”
  • “The narrator was excellent. Something about his voice– the confident and controlled delivery, I think- suited the material to a T.”

Chicken Hawk

by Robert Mason

  • “Great book and narration.”
  • “Great story, no fluff…….narrator really nailed it.”
  • “Fantastic voice over to a fabulous book. Thank you!”


by Paul Zindel

  • “He made the book come alive!”

Crisis Economics

by Nouriel Roubini

  • “Instant Modern classic”
  • “I also want to credit the reader: L.J. Ganser! His voice is best suited to the subject. By comparison he dwarfs most readers and I am now hesitant to listen to other audio books not read by him”

The Inside Story

by Michael Buckley

  • “We LOVE the narrator.”
  • “He does a wonderful job of creating specific voices for each character that remain consistent throughout the series. Puck is, of course, our favorite. He is the best-written character, and Mr. Ganser’s interpretation of him has us howling.”

In the Plex

by Steven Levy

  • “The narration was superb. Kudos to L.J. Ganser!”

Kid Scanlan

by H.C. Witwer

  • “Ganser made this book a great read.”
  • “Fun read made better by the narration…..L.J. made this book a 5* read. One of Ganser’s best.”


by Mark Wayne McGinnis

  • “He is a great narrator. You can easily identify who is talking by his superb accents.”

The Curse of Jacob Tracy

by Holly Messinger

  • “Good pacing and the accent is spot on for the character and setting that one might have trouble envisioning without the narrator.”

Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics

by Richard Thaler

  • “He did a great job fitting into the book.He could have been the author. He felt/sounded like the author.”

How they Croaked

by Georgia Bragg

  • “The author has a wicked sense of fun, and the narrator was PERFECT! Bravo!”

Scrapyard Ship

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

  • “Great job conveying the action and pace of the story.”

The Hidden Half of Life

by David R. Montgomery and Anne Bikle

  • “He holds your attention especially while running.”
  • “He is one of my favorite narrators. Loved his narration of Matt Ridley’s, ‘The Rational Optimist’.”

Claws that Catch

by John Ringo

  • “Great story, VERY funny, excellent narration. Ganser was at his best on this one. He has an amazing number of voices and depth.”

The Unusual Suspects

by Michael Buckley

  • “Ahhh…he’s terrific! The voice changes, the inflections, the emphases in all the right places….Awesome voices. You can’t always tell there aren’t five different people reading to you instead of one great talent.”

The Gripping Hand

by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven

  • “Once again, LJ Ganser gave a stellar performance…I think I can say he’s my favorite reader so far.”
  • AudioFile Magazine’s “Earphone Award”

  • 2019 Earphone Award for my recording of “The Escape Artists”
  • Audio Publishers Association “Audie Awards”

  • 2017 Capital Offenses by Samuel W. Buell—Finalist
  • 2016 Talking to Crazy by Dr. Mark Goulston—Finalist
  • 2015 Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley—Finalist
  • 2014 The Telling Room by Michael Paterniti—Finalist
  • 2011 The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy Jr.—WINNER
  • 2010 What Americans Really Wan by Dr. Frank Luntz—Finalist
  • 2008 Words That Wor by Dr. Frank Luntz—WINNER
  • 2005 The Island at the Center of the World by Russell Shorto—WINNER
  • 2005 The Alexander Scourby Award from American Foundation for the Blind for Under the Moons of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs—WINNER

A video testimonial from Mike Weinberg.

Sci Fi & Fantasies
Mysteries & Thrillers

“LJ. Ganser brought the voice of Jake Danser to life— charming, vain, sinister—in ways that captured the fear and loathing, the knife edge of suspense that an author can only hope for when a book is brought to audio. Ganser inhabited the character (and the story) with his intuitive talent for the emotional underpinning of the dramatic moment: understated when he needed to be, out on the limb, deceptive, daring when called for, always deep in the zeitgeist of the fictional world—and I am most grateful for his brilliant work.”

Domenic Stansberry, Edgar Award Winning Author of The Confession.

Science & Technology

Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt doesn’t TRY to get stung when he’s dealing with harvester ants and other venomous creatures. However, he’s been stung enough to consider the stings a data point. Narrator L.J. Ganser’s voice is cheerful as he reads Schmidt’s first-person account, even when the text is comparing the painful ant stings the author has lived through. Schmidt’s fatalistic sense of humor also carries through to the science of stings and poisonous animals. It’s not all bleak; some of the stinging creatures, such as the domesticated honey bee, are beneficial to humans. The audiobook wraps up with a pain scale, in which Ganser rattles off pain descriptions as if describing the tastes of wines. Getting stung is never funny, but Schmidt’s take on the subject often is.

AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine

Young Adult (YA)

It is always a pleasure to work with L.J.  We have worked together on a variety of children’s books.  Whether it is a book that requires the ability to be very imaginative in the portrayal of animate (and inanimate) creatures, or one that is straightforward, informational and needs someone who is very good at presenting material in a clear and understandable manner, L.J. comes to the session prepared, but also ready to be flexible and spontaneous as the situation requires. He makes the recording experience very enjoyable as well, always bringing a good attitude and sense of humor with him to the studio…no, an off-the-wall sense of humor. He recently auditioned for a book with wizard, kings and princess, and evil magistrates, and his portrayal of the characters were spot on.  I actually casted him for about three or four characters in this multi-cast production.  I can’t say enough good things about L.J.!  He’s the best!!!

Arnie Cardillo, Producer and Publisher, Live Oak Media, Inc.


As a writer of narrative nonfiction, no aspect of the process is more critical to me than establishing and maintaining a strong, compelling, and convincing voice. Whether it’s the narrative voice, or the literal voice of each character within the story, or even the voices of the story’s various settings (the mood, the tone, the feel of this scene or that), I’ve always believed nothing more powerfully captures the reader, draws her into the story, and keeps her there than the sound in her head of those words on the page. I’ve been fortunate to have several of my books read aloud on tape, CD, or in a digital format, and I can say that none of those professional readers more effectively and consistently conveyed the effect I intended than L.J. Ganser. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph read aloud by him sounded just as I heard it in my head when I put those words on the page. It’s a gift to be able to give life to someone else’s prose like that, and L.J. Ganser has that gift. —

Mike D’Orso, author of EAGLE BLUE: A Team, A Tribe, and a High School Basketball Season in Arctic Alaska